Upcoming Events

Win sensational prizes for your bird snaps! 

Spring is here and with it a flurry of feathered friends! During October, submit your best photographs of the amazing birds you’ve seen while enjoying the wetlands and national parks in the Mallee CMA region – and you could win a prize!

Submitted photographs may be selected for use in the Mallee CMA’s 2024 calendar!

Prizes will be announced shortly – keep an eye on our social media and website!

Terms and Conditions: By entering the photo competition you consent to Mallee CMA using this photo for the purposes of advertising, media publicity, publication, general display or for any other purpose in whole or in part, including but not limited to publication on internet web sites, broadcasts and any other publications. The Authority agrees not to use any photos/audio visual recordings in a manner that may be deemed adverse or defamatory to the person providing permission, and it will not use the photos/audio visual recordings for any commercial gain. The Authority further agrees not to provide these photos/audio visual recordings to any other government agencies for their use without express permission from you. The photos/audio visual recordings will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than related to these photos/audio visual recordings. All submitted photos must have been taken within the Mallee Catchment Management Authority’s service area. All images must be a minimum resolution of 300dpi for clear reprodcution if selected for the calendar.

Past Events 

Sunray Warriors 2023

On Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 September Mallee CMA will be attending  Sunray Warriors – An Environmental Adventure!  hosted by Mildura Rural City Council.

Sunray Warriors is a multi-agency environmental education event offered free to primary school students within our region.

Students enjoy hands-on, interactive activities that help them learn about our wonderful local biodiversity and what they can do to become environmental warriors!

Each participating school is provided with a STEM kit so the students can continue their environmental education at school after the event.

To register your class or school to attend, or to find out more information, please contact:

Nardia Baker
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, MRCC
Phone: 03 5018 8455
Email: nardia.baker@mildura.vic.gov.au

or Ali Gercovich
Community Engagement Officer, MCMA
Phone: 03 5001 8666
Email: alison.gercovich@malleecma.com.au


Creating Turtle Conservation Ambassadors

As part of the Mallee CMA citizen science program Mallee CMA, EnviroEdu and Broad-shelled turtles (Clay and Fuzzball) were joined by almost 50 community members on a sunny April morning at Kings Billabong.
Participants enjoyed a hands-on interactive presentation where they learned about the three species of turtle found in the Mallee area, their conservation status, habitat, breeding and nesting behaviours and threats to survival.
Community members were shown how to help protect these amazing animals and how the TurtleSat app is used to record turtle sightings, nest discoveries and predation rates across Australia.
Participants enjoyed a stroll along the Kings Billabong walking tracks where they were able to locate active as well as disturbed turtle nests. Participants were lucky enough to find a nest that had recently hatched. This was evident by the clear hole, turtle shells.
Mallee CMA would like to thank the community for supporting this event, and acknowledge the invaluable role our Citizen Scientists play in collecting important natural resource data.
If you would like to know more about our volunteer and Citizen Science programs, simply email citizen.science@malleecma.com.au or visit our website https://malleecma.com.au/citizen-science/