Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is people participating and collaborating in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge (as defined by the Australian Citizen Science Association).

Information collected by citizen scientists provides valuable data and insights that contributes to scientific knowledge about our region. This information can be used to inform our natural resource management strategies, plans and programs. For example, data gathered by citizen scientists is often used to inform environmental watering plans.

Through citizen science we aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for our community members to participate in waterway restoration and have meaningful input
  • Collect data to help Natural Resource Managers and researchers maintain and improve the condition of our waterways
  • Improve the health of our waterways to support ecosystem function, improved habitat for native wildlife and vegetation

Citizen science is not only fantastic for the environment, it is good fun for the community as well! Community members are encouraged to be outdoors, spending time in nature discovering and exploring which improves community health and that of the environment.

You can learn more about citizen science at the Australian Citizen Science Association

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