Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is working with our community to collect important information about our waterways that will be used to inform our policies, help develop project ideas and improve the communities experience of our region.

We are always looking to welcome new volunteers to our programs and greatly appreciate the input provided, it is invaluable.

Why join our citizen science program?

Through citizen science we aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for our community members to participate in waterway restoration and have meaningful input
  • Collect data through Citizen Scientists to help Natural Resource Managers and researches maintain and improve the condition of our waterways
  • Improve the health of our waterways to support ecosystem function, improved habitat for native wildlife and vegetation
  • Citizen science is not only fantastic for the environment, it is good fun for the community as well! Community members are encouraged to be outdoors, spending time in nature discovering and exploring which improves community health and that of the environment.

Mallee CMA knows the value of supporting citizen science programs. By working closely with our volunteers, our communities are well informed and supported to contribute to the future of our waterways.

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Hear from some of our local volunteers

Citizen science in Victoria's waterways Achievements 2022-23

Creating Turtle Ambassadors

Recognising 12 Years of Volunteering

The Mallee is home to three turtle species, the Broadshelled Turtle, Eastern Long-neck Turtle, and Murray River Turtle – all of which are listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 as endangered or critically endangered.

Nest predation is a major issue, affecting over 90% of turtle nests, with foxes and feral pigs being the main culprits. This has resulted in a low survival rate for hatchlings, which means few turtles are surviving to adulthood.

In May 2023, the Mallee Catchment Management Authority hosted 45 community members, along with a local Zoologist from EnviroEdu, at beautiful Kings Billabong as part of the Mallee CMA Citizen Science program. The event highlighted the importance of turtles in the ecosystem and offered the community knowledge and tools to help protect these precious species.

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Russell Cox has been involved in volunteering activities for the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) for 12 years. To recognise 30 Years of WaterWatch Citizen Science and Russell’s achievements, we spoke with him to understand what motivated him to start volunteering and why he has continued to monitor for so many years.

The Mallee CMA would like to thank Russell for his many years of ongoing service as a WaterWatch volunteer and 
for the invaluable data he provides.

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