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Our Vision

Informed and active communities balancing the use of resources to generate wealth, with the protection and enhancement of our natural and cultural landscapes.

The Mallee CMA’s primary responsibility is to ensure that natural resources in the region are managed in an integrated and ecologically sustainable way. We are the peak body for the delivery of natural resource programs in the Mallee. Our work is based on science and delivered through meaningful partnerships with government agencies, local organisations such as Landcare, and community groups in the Victorian Mallee.

The Mallee CMA region covers 3.9 million hectares – about one fifth of Victoria. It is the largest catchment area in the state and runs along the Murray River from Nyah to the South Australian border, and south to the vast dryland cereal and wheat crops of the Wimmera.

The Mallee CMA was established in 1997 by the Victorian Government under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CaLP Act). The Mallee CMA also has statutory functions under Part 10 of the Water Act 1989.

The Mallee CMA’s project responsibilities include the management of:

  • Waterways
  • Biodiversity (including vegetation restoration and threatened species recovery)
  • Floodplains
  • Salinity
  • Land and soil health

The Mallee CMA also fulfils responsibilities in regional funding coordination in natural resource management community involvement and education; cultural heritage protection; and monitoring and reporting on the health of the catchment. The Authority also proudly supports Landcare in the Victorian Mallee.

The Authority prepares a Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) and coordinates and monitors its implementation, as well as advising the Victorian and Australian governments on regional natural resource management priorities.

The Mallee Region

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